What will you find in the page?

I agree I am not Elon musk. There will rarely be any visitors to my page.

Okay, I am an Engineer after all, I need to be precise about the answer and not beat around the bush. So, These are the things that you may find in my page (P.S. I am not making this for any reason, I just don't know how  to pass the trickle of free time I have. So, please do not judge me):

  • I may waste your time with my random photos if I roam around instead of studying analog!
  • I may waste your time telling you about some food I made, because I am so conscious about food and maintaining my 1 pack ab!
  • I may waste your time telling you about things that I did to waste my time.
  • I may design some more ways to waste your time, I just don't know about them yet.


The Road not taken

I came to Italy on the 5th of September 2021. It took me 2 months of introspection. About 2 more months of anxiety to shift to blogging instead of social media platforms.I would try to be myself and share my stories if any, for everyone to learn from my mistakes and in case I have done some right things, emulate those.Try to inspire people whenever I can!