What will you find in the page?

Okay, I agree I am not Elon musk. There will rarely be any visitors to my page. Here, I want to waste my spare time rather than waste on social media. That's all!

Okay, I am an Engineer after all, I need to be precise about the answer and not beat around the bush. So, These are the things that you may find in my page (P.S. I am not making this for any reason, I just don't know how  to pass the trickle of free time I have. So, please do not judge me):

  • I may waste your time with my random photos if I roam around instead of studying analog!
  • I may waste your time telling you about some food I made, because I am so conscious about food and maintaining my 1 pack ab!
  • I may waste your time telling you about things that I did to waste my time.
  • I may design some more ways to waste your time, I just don't know about them yet.


The Road not taken

I came to Italy on the 5th of September 2021. It took me 2 months of introspection. About 2 months of anxiety to shift to blogging instead of social media platforms. Because there you waste time on seeing the fake version of people. Here, I try to be myself and try to share my stories if any, for everyone to learn from my mistakes and If I have done some right things, emulate those.Try to inspire people whenever I can!


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